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Tools & Frameworks

P4 Framework

Identify how closely your product development organization aligns with best practices for developing new products and services to meet defined strategic objectives.

Product Management Model

Where does your organization land in terms of the role of product management? Benchmark your definition of product management against MIDIOR’s model that balances development and operations focus versus sales and commercial focus


Designed for companies that develop complex, technology-dependent products or services, ProductScan highlights risks and opportunities to zero-in on business and market alignment factors and expose underlying obstacles to success.

Organization Health Check

The Product Development and Management (PD&M) organization model must be dynamic. Answer these 41 questions to assess how your organization maps with business objectives to optimize and fine-tune the structure and plan for the future.

Market Map

A framework for assessing the market strength and competitive position of products and services.

Operations Map

A framework for identifying and cataloging key business processes, dependencies and opportunities for automation and efficiency

Data Quality Scorecard

The Data Quality Scorecard (DQS) is a standard part the MIDIOR playbook. Data Quality Scorecards are used on various projects to guide and reinforce 12 dimensions of data quality (completeness, consistency, conformity, accuracy, integrity, valid values, duplication, and trends).

Requirements Maturity Model

Excellent requirements are the key ingredient for a successful project. Use the Requirements Maturity Model to gauge your organization’s effectiveness according to measures of the efficiency of the requirements process, completeness of requirements documentation and quality of requirements management.